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Measure Your Eye Pressure at Home with the iCare HOME2 Tonometer

Monitoring your glaucoma is easier than ever thanks to the convenience of measuring your IOP from home.

Covered by Some Insurance

Get a full or partial reimbursement by some insurance providers.

Convenient Financing Options

We offer flexible financing options through Affirm.

Ships in 2 Business Days

Get your tonometer quickly with 2-day shipping to your doorstep.

FDA Cleared Device

The iCare® HOME2 has been cleared by the FDA for measuring your IOP safely at home.

Closely tracking your IOP is crucial to choosing the optimal glaucoma treatment.

Detect important IOP variations throughout the day.

Identify nocturnal variances in IOP that you may be missing.

Help your healthcare provider optimally treat your glaucoma.

30% of MyEyes customers have rented the iCare HOME2 again.

Learn How MyEyes Makes Renting or Owning an iCare HOME2 Easier!

Explore how MyEyes is transforming the industry with our patient-first approach.




How we do things differently...

Customer Service

Limited Support


Monday - Friday, 9AM - 7PM EST Live Support via Phone & Chat, Lead by Glaucoma Patients

Rental Price

More Expensive


$250 for One Week Rental


Fewer Probes


20 complimentary probes with device rental, an extra 40 included for all purchases.


Longer Time to Ship

Fast, 2-Day Shipping!

$35 for 2-Day Shipping

Payment Methods

Limited Options


Credit Card, Apple Pay, HSA/FSA


Not Provided


Available via Affirm®

Insurance Support

Not Provided


We provide you with everything you'll need to submit a claim

Licensed Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Provider

Very few are licensed

MyEyes is a Licensed DME Provider

Unlike many of the other distributors for the iCare HOME2, MyEyes is a fully licensed DME provider

Your Journey, Our Commitment

Five Key Reasons Patients Trust MyEyes to Deliver

At MyEyes, we understand that navigating glaucoma is more than just a medical challenge—it’s a personal journey that requires a trusted guide. That’s why we’re committed to being more than just a supplier; we’re your partner in vision health.

Our Patient Ambassadors are here to help you!

As glaucoma patients and avid users of the iCare® HOME2 themselves, our Patient Ambassadors are truly a trusted guide to help you navigate renting or purchasing your home tonometer!

Dorise S.

Diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2021, daily HOME2 user since December 2022.

Based in Florida.

Ericka S.

Diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2013, daily HOME2 user since July 2022. Licensed Pharmacist.

Based in New Hampshire.

Patricia R.

Diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2005, daily HOME2 user since January 2023.

Based in Nevada.

Meet our Patient Ambassador and leadership team.

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