At-home glaucoma pressure monitoring and MyEYES LLC, how do we connect?

This is a great slideshow put together for The Glaucoma Foundation by our co-founder and chief medical advisor, Dr. Barbara Wirostko, MD FARVO, adjunct professor at the University of Utah Moran Eye Center. Abstract from the article: “…IOP is still the only modifiable risk factor [in glaucoma]. – Wiroskto” “Because of the sheer importance of […]

At-Home IOP monitoring, [the how-to’s & getting started for clinicians]

This is a great quick-start guide for clinicians seeking to find a solution for home IOP monitoring. Here, the iCare HOME shines as the only at home monitor for IOP that requires no specialized training or anesthetic drops. This can help you help your patients find the best treatment paths to preserve vision based on […]

PODCAST: Listen to Dr. Barbara Wirostko, MD as she shares her extensive medical background and how this enables her to help her patients with Dr. John Shufeldt.

Dr. John Shufeldt is an emergency physician by avocation and entrepreneur at heart. He is an author, serial student, pilot and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who has founded and operated several multi-million-dollar businesses. Each week join John, one of the nation’s leading medical entrepreneurs, as he interviews other physicians who have successfully started their own businesses. Recently […]

Home IOP Measurements: What they can tell us (Glaucoma Research Foundation)

MyEYES, LLC Founder, Barbara Wirostko, M.D., shares what Home IOP measurements can tell us in a recent article featured in Glaucoma Research Foundation. Excerpt from the article: IOP is the key risk factor for glaucoma development and progression. We know that IOP fluctuates constantly, between doctor’s visits, with exercise, during sleep, and even throughout the day. Very much […]