iCare HOME tonometry reliably detects IOP changes in Glaucoma.

MyEYES strives to continually keep our patients updated as to the latest information regarding Glaucoma. This article from the American Academy of Ophthalmology highlights the reliability and effectiveness of the iCare HOME tonometer. – C S Epperson, MyEYES. Conclusion from the article: “…This study demonstrates the utility of home tonometry with the iCare HOME device […]

PODCAST: Measuring Intraocular Pressure at Home with Dr. Elyse McGlumpy

Click here to listen In this episode, Dr. Elyse McGlumphy talks with Dr. Kaleem about her research using iCare Tonometry, an innovative technology for measuring intraocular pressure at home. Dr. Mona Kaleem currently works for Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine as an associate professor of ophthalmology. Shared from Apple Podcast; Diagnosis Glaucoma, Episode 28-2021.

Remote Monitoring comes into FOCUS

With leaps into Tele-medicine, new focus is directed to at-home monitoring to supplement a patients normal treatment and care path. Enter the iCare HOME and HOME2 tonometers. The only portable rebound tonometers designed specifically for use by patients with Glaucoma. – C Epperson, MyEYES LLC. Excerpt from the article: “One big challenge with office-based tonometry […]

PODCAST, EYETUBE: Listen to Dr. Barbara Wirostko (UUMORAN-FARVO), discuss clinical collaboration. And learn from a long-time Patients’ perspective on home monitoring.

Click here to listen Richie Kahn, MPH, a clinical researcher and patient advocate, leads a discussion between physicians and patients on the use and value of home monitoring technology in ophthalmology. Kahn, who is also a patient with a rare and progressive form of optic atrophy as well as a clinical trial participant, is joined […]

Large fluctuations in IOP are an independent risk factor in Glaucoma…

As we continue to learn more information from the HOME’s broad IOP data collection, articles that addressed this very concern years ago have come to light with more influence than ever before. – C EPPERSON, MyEYES LLC. Excerpt from the article: In patients with glaucoma with office IOP in the normal range, large fluctuations in […]

At-home glaucoma pressure monitoring and MyEYES LLC, how do we connect?

This is a great slideshow put together for The Glaucoma Foundation by our co-founder and chief medical advisor, Dr. Barbara Wirostko, MD FARVO, adjunct professor at the University of Utah Moran Eye Center. Abstract from the article: “…IOP is still the only modifiable risk factor [in glaucoma]. – Wiroskto” “Because of the sheer importance of […]