Use Cases for IOP Monitoring

Over the past two years, with over 800 patients now having used the iCare Home2, our team has been deeply engaged in understanding the benefits and potential of at-home IOP monitoring. We have been partnering with glaucoma specialists to learn more. We recognize the transformative potential of the data this technology provides to our patients. Understanding the importance of […]

JOIN US! The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) is hosting a special webinar featuring Dr. Wirostko and the iCare HOME2 and how this device can help to preserve vision in glaucoma patients.

WEBINAR: (September 27th @ 5:00 Pm EST – Online) Please join The Glaucoma Foundation and MyEYES in a special webinar featuring the important role that an iCare HOME2 can play in preserving vision in Glaucoma Patients. Dr. Wirostko will explain real world data that has directly correlated to treatment paths that she has chosen based […]

SPOTLIGHT on Dr. Wirostko: The John A Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah highlights one of their greatest. Click to Watch if the video doesn’t play Automatically Spotlight: The John A Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah highlights one of their finest in this wonderful spotlight on Dr. Wirostko.  A leading Glaucoma specialist, researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Wirostko excels continually in the field of medicine […]

PODCAST: Measuring Intraocular Pressure at Home with Dr. Elyse McGlumpy

Click here to listen In this episode, Dr. Elyse McGlumphy talks with Dr. Kaleem about her research using iCare Tonometry, an innovative technology for measuring intraocular pressure at home. Dr. Mona Kaleem currently works for Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Medicine as an associate professor of ophthalmology. Shared from Apple Podcast; Diagnosis Glaucoma, Episode 28-2021.

PODCAST, EYETUBE: Listen to Dr. Barbara Wirostko (UUMORAN-FARVO), discuss clinical collaboration. And learn from a long-time Patients’ perspective on home monitoring.

Click here to listen Richie Kahn, MPH, a clinical researcher and patient advocate, leads a discussion between physicians and patients on the use and value of home monitoring technology in ophthalmology. Kahn, who is also a patient with a rare and progressive form of optic atrophy as well as a clinical trial participant, is joined […]