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We make it easy for your patients to get access to the iCare® HOME2 tonometer—and even easier for eye care professionals to get access to the IOP measurement data they need to improve patient outcomes.

Early IOP Spike Detection

Quickly identify early IOP spikes for timely medical and surgical intervention.

Optimized Post & Pre-Op Care

Accurately gauge and monitor IOP before and after surgery for enhanced recovery and early complication detection.

Advanced Glaucoma Management

Continuously track IOP changes, optimize treatments, and monitor prescription and device effectiveness for tailored patient care.

How MyEyes Works

If you are a returning provider that has already referred a patient to MyEyes, please use the form below to unlock your electronic prescription form.

Submit Your First Rx

If this is your first time sending a patient to MyEyes, the first step is to submit an electronic Rx for your patient using the form on this page!

MyEyes Helps Patient Receive HOME2

Once we receive your patient’s electronic Rx, we take care of everything else. We have an entire team of dedicated Patient Ambassadors that are available to guide your patient through the entire process. 

Easy-to-Read Charts Delivered to Your Inbox

At the end of a rental period or at an agreed interval that you recommend to your patient, we’ll deliver an easy-to-read chart with your patient’s IOP data to right to preferred email address. 

Here’s why over 200 leading eyecare professionals have referred 800+ patients to MyEyes


My surgical intervention rate has increased dramatically because we are finding so many people with Wasatch Mountain IOP curves.
Ophthalmologist, John A. Moran Eye Center, Univ. of Utah
Craig Chaya, MD

Submit Your First Rx

If you are new to MyEyes and this is the first time you are referring a patient to us, simply complete the electronic prescription form below.