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Frequently Asked Questions from Patients

While the iCare HOME 2 is easy to use, many patients are just starting their home tonometry journey and need a little guidance. We’ve gathered some common questions to help make this process easier. And, if you get stuck, feel free to reach out to one of our MyEyes Ambassadors through the live chat feature!

Getting Started

Why should I purchase or rent a HOME2 tonometer?

By taking measurements at home, you and your doctor will learn how your IOP varies at different times throughout the day. This data can guide treatment decisions, medication changes and be utilized to better understand the risks to your vision. This data will be shared with your doctors upon completion and return of the iCare HOME2 and can be invaluable to helping you manage your disease.

Are there any contraindications for using the HOME2?

Patients with any of the following conditions should not be prescribed the HOME2 tonometer:

  1. Active ocular infection including infectious conjunctivitis
  2. Recent ocular trauma including corneal laceration or corneal/scleralperforation
  3. Disabling arthritis or limited motor coordination affecting self-handling of the Icare tonometer
  4. Blepharospasm
  5. Nystagmus — Patients with the following conditions are generally not eligible for use of the HOME tonometer as they have the potential to introduce unsafe conditions during use orto impair measurement acquisition:
    1. Uncorrected near visual acuity of 20/200 or worse
    2. Only one functional eye
    3. Poor or eccentric fixation
    4. Hearing impairment to the extent that the individual cannot hear and converse with others without an assistive aid and/or sign language
    5. Contact lens use
    6. Dry eyes
    7. Keratoconus
    8. Microphthalmos
    9. Buphthalmos
    10. Cataract extraction within last 2 months

The safety and effectiveness of the iCare HOME2 tonometer has not been evaluated for patients with:

  1. High corneal astigmatism >3d
  2. History of prior incisional glaucoma surgery or corneal surgery including corneallaser surgery
  3. Corneal scarring
  4. Central corneal thickness greater than 0.60mm or less than 0.50mm
  5. Known history of difficulty in obtaining Goldmann IOP measurements or any factors that might contribute to inaccurate Goldmann IOP measurements (e.g. lidsqueezing or tremor)

How does the HOME2 work?

The tonometer functions by bouncing a novel magnetized probe off the cornea and measuring the subsequent deceleration of the short probe. 

Is the HOME2 safe to use?

YES. The iCare HOME2 is safe when used according to its indications for use and in accordance with its labeling. It is approved for use by patients at home by the FDA under rigorous testing. If you have any specific concerns, please consult with your ophthalmologist. See previous question with contraindications.

If I have had eye surgery, can I still use the HOME2?

YES. Under normal circumstances, the HOME2 device can be used with no risk to the patient. However, If you have any concerns or questions you should consult with your ophthalmologist.

Have a question or issue with your iCare HOME2?

If you have a question or issue with your iCare HOME2 tonometer, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly Patient Ambassador team for assistance. 

Do NOT contact iCare for help, please reach out to MyEyes for assistance.

Explore these helpful video to help you get started:

Instructional Video (English)

Instructional Video (Spanish)

How to Pair the HOME2 to Mobile Device (iOS)

Pre-Sale Questions

Should I rent or buy a HOME2?

Renting a HOME2 allows you to get a snapshot of your IOP to discover if your pressures are a factor influencing your glaucoma. Buying a HOME2 is a bigger financial investment but allows you to track your pressures continually over an extended period of time. We offer Affirm for no to low interest payment options, and HSA and FSA cards can be used for payment.

How much does it cost to rent or buy?

An iCare HOME2 rental is $250/week, with a discount for additional weeks.

  • Rental fee for one week: $250
  • Rental fee for two weeks: $400
  • Rental fee for three weeks: $550
  • Rental fee for four weeks: $700
  • Rental fee for five weeks: $800
  • Rental fee for six weeks: $900
  • Rental fee for seven weeks: $1,000
  • Rental fee for eight weeks: $1,100

Shipping is an additional $35.

An iCare HOME2 purchase is $2995 plus $35 shipping.

Is there a payment plan available?

Currently we do not deal with insurance companies directly, however, we are finding that insurance companies are increasingly willing to reimburse patients for certain medical equipment.

We recommend that you call your insurance company and inquire!

When you receive your rental or purchase, included in the box will everything you need to submit a claim to your insurance company: an insurance cover letter, a detailed receipt, a copy of your tonometer prescription from your healthcare provider, a blank Health Insurance Claim Form (HCFA), and a sample HCFA form.

We do accept HSA and FSA cards if you have a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account through your employer.
We are working on meeting with private insurance and governmental agencies to explore the option of getting the device covered.

However, most HSA or FSA accounts allow for reimbursements to the patient for renting or purchasing DME (Durable Medical Equipment). The HOME is considered an RPM (Remote Physiological Monitoring device). Below are the codes that are used in conjunction with HOME monitoring as well as billable RPM codes that have been used by doctors to bill insurance. The following info you can use to try to get reimbursement from your insurance. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! INFO:

  • LIC#12332955-1714
  • NPI#1770246456
  • REMOTE MONITORING CODING: RPM CPT#’s 99453, 99454, 99457, 92100, 99212-99215

Below are some of the current codes for re-mote patient monitoring.

The first three codes(99453, 99454, and 99457) are specific to the iCare Home tonometer. Note that payment for CPT codes can vary depending on where your practice is located.

Initial setup.

(CPT code 99453: $18.77)
This is a one-time claim and reimbursement for instructing the patient on performing home monitoring and transmitting data with the iCare Home tonometer device.

(99454: $62.44/month)
This is a monthly claim and reimbursement for the equipment and software used to perform the remote patient monitoring test with the iCare Home tonometer. Monitoring.

(99457: $51.61/month)
This is a monthly claim and reimbursement for communicating with the patient and managing and/or coordinating for a cumulative total of 20 minutes/month about the iCare Home tonometer. In-person or telehealth visit.

When an office visit or telehealth visit is needed, submit extra visit code(s) as usual.

Note: Eye visit codes 92012-92014 were temporarily added by CMS for telehealth use for the public health emergency(PHE).

Evaluation and Management (E/M).

(99213:<$93 or 99214: <$132)
This is reimbursement for a follow-up visit, whether virtual or in person, meeting 2021 E/M documentation guidelines. Note: E/M fees vary by region. The fees listed here are for Dallas, Texas.

Click HERE to see a complete reimbursement report for the HOME.

Can I return the iCare HOME2?

Returns are generally NOT accepted due to the fact that this is a medical device.

However within 30 days, if it is unopened, you may return it in it’s original packaging and get a full refund minus processing and 10% restocking fees.

If there is a special circumstance, please contact us for further assistance.

What is the warranty for a HOME2 if I decide to purchase?

The HOME2 tonometer comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

Ordering Process

Does renting or buying the iCare HOME2 require a prescription?

YES. The FDA requires patients to have a prescription for a rental or purchase of a HOME2.

There are two ways to acquire a prescription:

  1. Your Healthcare provider goes to MyEYES.net and the “For Doctors” button on our homepage, there is a link to the “New Doctor Referral Form,” and the information submitted on this form serves as the prescription.
  2. You can upload a photo of written prescription; via this online form or email it securely to info@myeyes.net. The prescription needs to be on the Healthcare Provider’s official pad, with the professional contact information, including the email they want your results emailed to, their NPI or DEA number as the patient name, date of birth, and whether the prescription is for a rental or a purchase.

How long does it take to get an iCare HOME2?

Once you place your rental or purchase order, your HOME2 will be shipped within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

As soon as your HOME2 ships, you will receive detailed UPS tracking information.

The delivery requires a signature, and the tracking link will provide you a delivery window so you can be available for the delivery.

How do I send the iCare HOME2 back after a rental?

Simply repackage the HOME2 in the box it came with and attach the return label.

Then drop it off at any UPS store the next business day after your rental period ends.

What communication will I receive from MyEYES?

You will receive the following email communication from MyEYES:

  1. Notification when we receive your prescription from your doctor.
  2. Order confirmation
  3. Next steps email to prepare for your rental or purchase.
  4. An email from no-reply@icarefinland.com with information about setting up your Clinic account.
  5. Order shipped and tracking information
  6. When your rental is complete and we receive your machine back, you and your health care professional will receive an email with your IOP data.

You will receive the following phone communication from MyEYES:

  1. A phone call when we receive your prescription, you should take this opportunity to ask any initial questions you have about renting or purchasing a HOME2.
  2. A phone call after you receive your tonometer. One of our Patient Ambassadors will check in to answer any questions you may have, or to help you with set up.

Of course, our team is available at any point in the process to answer questions and assist you with your home monitoring with a HOME2!

Operating & Using the HOME2

Is there someone I can speak with to help with the operation, set up and troubleshooting?

YES. Our team of Patient Ambassadors can answer any of your questions and walk you through the set-up, operation and any troubleshooting. All of our Patient Ambassadors are glaucoma patients who own a HOME2 tonometer, so they can give personal accounts of their experiences with home IOP monitoring.

They are available my email, phone or web chat Mon-Fri 9am-7pm EST.

Is there a video I can watch to demonstrate how the iCARE HOME2 works?
How do I know if I have the iCare HOME2 positioned correctly?

While looking directly at the probe, you should see a nice concentric green circle. This indicates that it is lined up with your pupil correctly. You can then hold the measurement button down for 6 rapid measurements, or push it each time for individual ones. The Device will give you a green check mark and long beep to let you know you completed the measurement correctly.

How do I know what my Head and Cheek measurements are?

This is simple to do. The rests are set to the furthest length when you get the machine, you will adjust them accordingly as you try to take a measurement. The machine will guide you through the process and tell you if the probe is too far or too close to your eye. You can refer to the manual for greater detail.

Does the probe actually touch my eye?

YES. The Probe briefly touches the cornea. The probe “tap” is so gentle that if you feel anything at all, it is similar to a tiny puff of air or a flick of your eyelash. Please note that the sensors in the HOME2 will NOT allow a measurement if the probe is too far or too near to your cornea, therefore, there is no risk of the probe touching your cornea any harder than it should.

Does it Hurt?

NO. The probe briefly touches the cornea without the need for any eye drops and without one feeling anything. The HOME2 records a measurement faster than you can blink.

What if I wear Contact Lenses?

Simply take your contact lenses out and wait a few minutes and then take your measurements like normal. For some people they measure their numbers with and without their contacts in and note the difference, and then just add that to all their measurements while wearing them so they don’t have to take them out all the time. 

Note: You cannot use this device if you use Scleral Lenses. You will get inaccurate readings.

Does it matter which eye I measure first?

NO. The HOME2 knows which eye you are measuring, so it doesn’t matter which eye you start with. You just have to remember that you must complete 6 measurements and get a long beep with the “done” green check mark light, before moving to the next eye or repeating the measurement on the current eye. You can take as many measurements from either eye as often as you like.

How do I use the app?

The iCare Patient2 app allows you to see your results every time you sync your data. It is available on your smartphone, and it is also available online.
If you need help pairing your device, use this quickstart video guide

How does my Doctor receive my data after a rental?

Your doctor will receive a color copy of your results emailed to them once your rental period ends.

Note for renters: You may choose to not download the app and sync your results, instead, take your measurements and they will be stored in the machine. The MyEYES team will download the data for you and send you and your healthcare provider the results.

General Questions

Is the iCare HOME2 portable?

YES. One of the biggest advantages of the HOME2 is that it is portable. It comes in a protective case that carries extra batteries and can be taken just about anywhere. Whether you are taking measurements at home or if you take it on a hike, your HOME2 is ready to record measurements.

Can I take my HOME2 on a plane?

YES. You can take it with you on the plane as part of your carry-on or in the checked baggage. It is safe to be x-ray’d and travel with you! Per the TSA:

External Medical Devices Inform the TSA Officer

Inform the TSA officer if you have a bone growth stimulator, spinal stimulator, neurostimulator, port, feeding tube, insulin pump, ostomy or other medical device attached to your body and where it is located before the screening process begins.  You may provide the officer with the TSA notification card or other medical documentation to describe your condition.


Submit the device for X-ray screening if you can safely disconnect. Consult with the manufacturer of the device to determine whether it can pass through the X-ray, metal detector or advanced imaging technology for screening. If you cannot disconnect from the device, it may require additional screening and those in sensitive areas are subject to careful and gentle inspection.

Medical Monitoring Device

You may wear your medical monitoring device; however, it will undergo additional screening, which may include a pat down and physical inspection of the device, if it is not in a sensitive area. If you can safely disconnect from the device and it can be x-rayed, please place it in a bin for security screening. If the device cannot be x-rayed, please notify a TSA Officer before screening begins. Certain items may not be eligible for alternate screening and must be x-rayed. If alternate screening is available, you will receive additional screening, to include a pat down.

For more information about traveling with a disability or medical condition or to learn about our TSA Cares program, please visit www.tsa.gov/travel/special-procedures.  You may always ask to speak to a supervisor at any time during the screening process.

Can the HOME2 be used on an animal?

NO, you cannot use the HOME2 on animals. The tonometers used for animals are based on a different set of parameters and are specially calibrated for animals only. You can go to iCare’s special website for the TonoVet for animals.

If I buy an iCare HOME2, how do I order more probes?

You can go to the iCare-world website and click on the button at the top labeled “order more probes” or click this link: https://estore.icare-usa.com/ProductInfo/113.aspx. They are $49/box of 50.

What are your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Use the following links to access our Terms and Conditions: https://myeyes.net/terms/. Our privacy policy can be accessed here: https://myeyes.net/privacy-policy/.

Additional Resources You May Find Helpful

Below are some resources which explain the importance of home tonometry to your treatment of glaucoma and the benefits of 24 hour IOP monitoring.


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