Follow these steps to get started

1. Add a Probe

2. Turn it On

3. Find the Correct Position

4. Take Measurements

To view your measurements

1. Contact MyEYES to get a link to your temporary account

You will receive an email from iCare Finland, inside follow the link to set up a password and accept the terms and agreements You will then use this email and password to login anytime to see your data on the App or online at the CLINIC login.

2. Download the iCare Patient2 App

Click the icon below to download the APP (Andriod)
Click the icon below to download the APP (Apple)

3. Pair the App with your phone

Once paired, you can use the "sync" button on the app to upload any data

4. Upload and view your Data

Use the link below to login to your clinic account with the password and email you set up in step 1