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Take your glaucoma management to a higher level

Easy at-home IOP measurements for anyone

Requiring no specialized skills, the iCare HOME and HOME2 are incredibly easy for any individual to use:

  • The unit’s built-in iCare EyeSmart technology performs automatic OD/OS recognition.
  • Positioning is easy thanks to iCare EasyPos, which uses red and green light signals to help patients correctly position the tonometer over their eye. And on the HOME2 a series of blue and green lights to correctly position the device with visual and audio cues.
  • The iCare HOME and HOME2 also features iCare AMS, an automated measuring sequence that can take either a single measurement or a series of six measurements with one touch of a button.
  • A wide range of tutorials and resources are available – CLICK HERE


The iCare HOME and HOME2 Tonometer allows you to capture nighttime, early morning, resting and activity intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements that were previously unavailable so you and your doctor will learn how your IOP varies at different times of day. This data is essential to best understand the risks to your vision, and guide the treatment decisions and medication changes to preserve vision.


iCare USA, a subsidiary of iCare Finland, is the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry devices and holds more than 30 patents and patent applications. Cleared by the FDA and CE certified for home use in the United States, the iCare HOME and HOME2 device has quickly become an essential tool that eye care professionals have come to rely on for the added clinical data it provides concerning patients’ IOP fluctuations throughout the day.


Taking a reading involves no puff of air and requires no eye drops. The iCare HOME and HOME2 uses a tiny sterilized probe that briefly touches the cornea. Most of the time without one feeling anything. It is FDA approved for use by patients at home and is designed for both experienced and inexperienced users. The MyEYES staff are available to answer any questions, offer support and even Zoom calls to help get you accurate measurements.

“The fact that we can put a tonometer of this caliber in the hands of patients is truly unprecedented… The iCare HOME makes doctors aware of dangerous spikes in patients’ IOP, that they may never have known about otherwise.”
John Floyd, President and CEO of iCare US