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JOIN US! The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) is hosting a special webinar featuring Dr. Wirostko and the iCare HOME2 and how this device can help to preserve vision in glaucoma patients.


WEBINAR: (September 27th @ 5:00 Pm EST – Online) Please join The Glaucoma Foundation and MyEYES in a special webinar featuring the important role that an iCare HOME2 can play in preserving vision in Glaucoma Patients.

Dr. Wirostko will explain real world data that has directly correlated to treatment paths that she has chosen based off of the evidence that the iCare HOME2 has presented.

Checking your IOP or intra-ocular pressure once every several months is just simply not enough for some people. Important and damaging spikes in pressure could be taking place unbeknownst to the patient or their physician. Using this device is the ONLY way to be able to detect and monitor these changes.

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Our mission is to make it easier to get home tonometers into hands of the people who need it. In this way, IOP data collected at home at various time points during the day and or night can help to direct an individual patients’ doctors to provide the ideal treatment for that patient’s tailored need.

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