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Large fluctuations in IOP are an independent risk factor in Glaucoma…

As we continue to learn more information from the HOME’s broad IOP data collection, articles that addressed this very concern years ago have come to light with more influence than ever before. – C EPPERSON, MyEYES LLC.

Excerpt from the article:

In patients with glaucoma with office IOP in the normal range, large fluctuations in diurnal IOP are a significant risk factor, independent of parameters obtained in the office. Fluctuations in IOP may be important in managing patients with glaucoma. Development of methods to control fluctuations in IOP may be warranted.

This original editorial article was published in the Journal of Glaucoma April 2000.



Our mission is to make it easier to get home tonometers into hands of the people who need it. In this way, IOP data collected over the span of a week or two at several time points during the day and or night can help to direct an individual patients’ doctors to provide the ideal treatment for that patient’s tailored need. The result: the most effective way to proactively slow the damaging and blinding progression of this horrible disease.

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