Resources for OWNERS

If your having troubles, please Contact us first, then iCare

Congratulations on your Purchase! Sometimes accuracy is the most important aspect to you and the affordable purchase of an original HOME is the perfect solutions. Please, watch these “how-to” videos. Getting familiar with the HOME will help you be more comfortable with attaining accurate measurements.

Introduction to the iCare HOME
Basic Instructions and positioning for use
Detailed Instructions for use


2. Taking Measurments

3. Uploading & Viewing Your Data Online
– it is RECOMMENDED to sign up for iCare’s CLOUD or CLINIC account below to store your data.
The CLOUD (for patients) is only $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr. Sign up or login below
CLINIC (for patients and doctors) is only $6.99/mo or $69.99/yr.
 Click on the “Sign Up” link below to sign up for a CLINIC account. You will need your doctors’ contact email so we can contact them and set up your account. If they don’t want to host your data, we can do it, just let us know either way. iCare will bill you separately.
Below you can download and install LINK software for free. NOTE! iCare no longer supports this software.