Meet our partners

Glaucoma Research Foundation

Glaucoma Research Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for glaucoma. Founded in 1978 in San Francisco, we fund glaucoma research worldwide and empower a global community affected by the second leading cause of blindness.

By 2040, 111 million people around the world are predicted to have glaucoma. We understand the power of that enormous number. But we believe the most important number is 1. That’s where our work begins: with each individual and every family affected by glaucoma, with each scientist driven to discover, with every doctor dedicated to preserving a patient’s vision, and with every philanthropist who shares our mission to cure glaucoma.

Glaucoma Research Foundation’s mission and history demonstrate a deep commitment to:

  • Discovery: We seek a cure and solutions that prevent glaucoma, slow its progression, and restore lost vision.
  • Collaboration: We bring everyone affected by glaucoma —patients, families, caregivers, doctors, researchers — together to learn from and support each other.
  • Innovation: We provide seed funding for creative research projects that might not otherwise move forward, attracting new talent to the field of vision science.
  • Empowerment: We share knowledge, insight, resources, and inspiration, empowering people affected by glaucoma.

We are proud of the people behind Glaucoma Research Foundation’s many contributions to glaucoma science and care. We accomplish a great deal with a small staff and a large group of expert advisors committed to serving the needs of everyone affected by glaucoma. Our extended team includes a dedicated corps of GRF Ambassadors — a national leadership group of eye doctors dedicated to improving access to educational materials for all glaucoma patients.