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Home Monitoring of Glaucoma Using a Home Tonometer and a Novel Virtual Reality Visual Field Device: Acceptability and Feasibility

Here is a great article that looks specifically at the long term benefits to patients using at home monitoring. With the expanse of telemedicine and remote monitoring, it seems very natural for patients to seek out diagnostics devices that can help them monitor potential problems with their vision more precise, giving their doctors more precise and accurate data. Thus, the quicker negative data can be brought to the doctors attention, the faster treatments plans can be developed to aide in preserving as much vision as possible. – C EPPERSON, MyEYES.

Excerpt from the article:

Patients were able to perform these tests proficiently at home, and they were generally enthused to obtain more data about their intraocular health, as it allowed them a heightened sense of security and insight about their chronic disease, as well as a reduction in foreseeable barriers to care.

This original article was published in the National Library of Medicines online articles at PubMed Online May 2022.



Our mission is to make it easier to get home tonometers into hands of the people who need it. In this way, IOP data collected over the span of a week or two at several time points during the day and or night can help to direct an individual patients’ doctors to provide the ideal treatment for that patient’s tailored need. The result: the most effective way to proactively slow the damaging and blinding progression of this horrible disease.

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