Gold Service Plan, Extended Warranty

This plan allows you to protect your investment beyond the standard one-year warranty that comes with the device. It covers pretty much everything for a renewable annual fee of $295.

This plan is brought to you by iCare-USA.

Please download the form below, fill it out and send it back to us.

You can cancel the plan at anytime.


Choose Your Data Storage Options

NOTE:  As part of the HOME & HOME2 tonometer, iCare requires you to select one of two online platforms to view and store your data. The PATIENT2 app is used via your phone to upload to either of the online platforms, if you have no phone, iCare has a home computer-based EXPORT program that can accomplish this. There are two options, please select one.

Option 1: iCare CLINIC is a browser-based software service managed by healthcare professionals or MyEYES LLC, designed for viewing and storing your IOP measurement data. (Free for the first year, then $69.99/yr or monthly at $6.99/mo)

Option 2: iCare CLOUD is designed for patients to create a private account for storing and viewing iCare HOME measurement results. (Yearly at $49.99/yr or monthly at $4.99/mo)



Help to cover your device from accidents, defects or issues that arise.

Own the original iCare® HOME for LESS

If you’ve rented an original iCare HOME tonometer and have wanted to purchase, but the cost was too high—Now is your chance to get an iCare HOME for less!  We have a large selection of pre-owned iCare HOME tonometers available for purchase online. Each device has been inspected by the eyecare experts at MyEyes and is confirmed to be in working condition.