iCare HOME Tonometer


Made by the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry devices, and FDA approved for use by patients at home, the iCare HOME allows you to easily measure your intraocular pressure (IOP) at home, using the same high precision rebound technology used by professional tonometers. It’s an important and effective tool for optimizing your glaucoma treatment to preserve your vision.


By renting an iCare HOME Tonometer from, you and your doctor will learn how your IOP varies at different times of the day. This data can guide treatment decisions, medication changes and be utilized to better understand the risks to your vision.


The typical rental period is one or two weeks, so you can use the iCare HOME to check the IOP in both eyes several times a day and night in the comfort of your own home.


Rental includes everything you need:


  • The iCare HOME tonometer
  • Easy instructions on how to use the device.
  • A sufficient supply of probes to take unlimited measurements during the rental period!
  • Automatic recording and virtual storage of your eye pressure readings.
  • In the event that your doctor would like real time monitoring, a wifi connection is required and an android device will be included to transfer data.
  • $35 flat-rate shipping fee – you’ll receive your device within a couple of days and when you are finished, simply attach the included return label and drop it off at any USPS or UPS store.
  • Upon return of the iCare HOME, results will then be sent directly to your doctor.
  • PLEASE NOTE: is not responsible for interpreting any of the data nor for providing medical advice.


A refundable security deposit of $1200 is required until the device is returned. Note: when you complete your checkout, you will see the deposit charge instead of the rental charge, the rental and shipping will be deducted from your deposit refund.

Security Deposit : $1,200.00

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Understanding how your intraocular pressure (IOP) fluctuates throughout the day is essential for you and your doctor to be able to best understand the risks glaucoma poses to you, and decide what treatment and medications are best to protect your eyesight. The iCare HOME tonometer makes it possible.


  • Allows monitoring of your IOP at home at different times of day and night, so your doctor will have the whole picture of your IOP levels – not just the limited information gathered in clinical settings.
  • Requires no special skills or training to use.
  • Red and green light signals make it easy to correctly position the tonometer over your eye.
  • Built-in iCare EyeSmart technology performs automatic OD/OS recognition.
  • Fully automated measuring to take either a single measurement or a series of six measurements with one touch of a button.
  • All data gathered by your iCare HOME tonometer is automatically collected and then transmitted to your doctor.
  • Safe – approved by the FDA for home use by you.