Resources for OWNERS

For any problems with your device, please feel free to contact us first!

Operation is simple and easy to use, find out how below.


Getting Started

1. Get STARTED by downloading the APP
Click the icon below to download the APP (Andriod)
Click the icon below to download the APP (Apple)
2. Next, set the FEATURES and LINK your device
3. Here, choose your DATA STORAGE PLATFORM
3. Next, set up your DATA PLATFORM

If you want to use CLINIC, you need to provide us your doctor’s email address so that we can get the system set up, otherwise, we can host the clinic for you. Click the “Sign up” link below to start.

CLOUD Data Storage
CLINIC Data Storage

Viewing your Data

4. Finally, Login to your chosen Data Platform
Now, you should be able to see your data both on your app and online from your selected data platform!

Where do I get more Probes?

Follow the link below to set up an account

Additional RESOURCES

You can upload your prescription below