First, find your personal Forehead and Cheek Adjustments

Adjust the Forehead and Cheek measurements to about a “9”. You can do this by rotating the little black dials on the top and the bottom of the device until you see the number sit in the middle of the little arrow indicators. Tip: If you blink and feel your eyelashes hit the end of the probe, you are generally at the correct distance (4-8mm or 5/32-5/16″ from the eye)


Now follow the steps below to take measurements

 1. Press and hold the power button on the back until the lights flash and you hear a beep. (the probe icon above the “LOAD” text will flash)

2. Load a probe, then press the top button to ready the device. (the triangle measure icon above the “MEASURE” text will flash)

3. Hold the device up to your face. Tip: Keep your eyes fixed on something straight ahead of you and bring the device to you.

4. Look for the nice green concentric encircling the probe. You can think of this as your “bullseye”. You want to be looking directly in the middle of that holding your eye wide open.

5. Press and hold the top button until you hear a long single beepIf you don’t and you get a red light. pay attention to how many beeps you hear. This will help you troubleshoot your positioning. (5 short beeps, it’s too close, adjust the knobs out, 3 long beeps, it is too far away, adjust them in. 2 medium beeps indicates that it is not quite centered in the cornea or it hit an eyelash or eyelid.)

6. Check the back of the device for the green check mark above the “Done” text. This means you have completed a measurement. If you don’t, repeat steps 3-5 and make minor adjustments until you do.

IF you are still having problems, take a break, go to the Resources page and watch all the videos and read all the information provided, then try again. If you are still having trouble, just Contact us! We are here to help you!