Vice President Online Systems

Keri Boyer stands out as a dynamic leader in the tech industry, with over 15 years of experience leading digital projects and enhancing online platforms. Her journey began with a summa cum laude degree in Web Development & Design, laying the groundwork for her influential career. As the Vice President of Online Systems at MyEyes, Keri excels in guiding diverse teams, refining online operations, and ensuring digital strategies contribute to the company’s broader goals.

Keri’s expertise in Wordpress and front-end development, combined with her executive leadership skills, enables her to develop advanced, user-friendly online systems that improve user experience and operational efficiency. Her role in executive positions across IT, sales, and marketing highlights her skill in aligning IT initiatives with business objectives, ensuring online platforms not only satisfy user needs but also drive business success.

Her comprehensive approach to managing online systems is enhanced by her graphic design background, allowing her to create solutions that are both highly functional and visually appealing. Keri’s adeptness in overseeing creative design, coordinating between departments, and handling digital assets marks her as a versatile leader who skillfully navigates the complex online environment.

Keri is a strong advocate for continual learning and innovation. She cultivates a team environment that values knowledge exchange and collaborative problem-solving. Her leadership style underscores the significance of using technology as a catalyst for organizational growth and achievement.