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The utility of home tonometry for peri-interventional decision-making in glaucoma surgery: Case series

Another critical example where data from the iCare HOME device is crucial to a Glaucoma patients’ possible treatment path. The speed of information comes into play as data can be instantly available to the physician to make time-sensitive decisions. Thus, benefiting the patient immensely. And again, the ONLY way that this can be accomplished is by using this amazing device. – C EPPERSON, MyEYES.

Excerpt from the article:

Home monitoring can establish pre-treatment IOP patterns that are not evident during in-clinic measurements. Home monitoring can also demonstrate response to treatment more quickly than in-clinic monitoring, and provide more information about nyctohemoral fluctuations than is ascertained by in-clinic tonometry.

This original article was published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology Online Sep 7, 2022.



Our mission is to make it easier to get home tonometers into hands of the people who need it. In this way, IOP data collected over the span of a week or two at several time points during the day and or night can help to direct an individual patients’ doctors to provide the ideal treatment for that patient’s tailored need. The result: the most effective way to proactively slow the damaging and blinding progression of this horrible disease.

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