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SPOTLIGHT: spotlights Dr. Wirostko in their latest edition of Business and Profession.


We are feel proud to have the talents, specialty and sheer genius of Dr. Wirostko overseeing our medical operations at MyEYES. Her addition to the company has been a blessing to us and all of whom we serve. Her continued research into Glaucoma, and tireless work in that field, continues to break known boundaries of modern medicine and diagnostics to bring to light the importance of continuing work here. -CS EPPERSON, MyEYES.

Conclusion from the article:

“…Serial entrepreneur and clinician-researcher Barbara M. Wirostko answers questions about her career and the role ARVO has played in her success

This original article is available online at July 22, 2022.



Our mission is to make it easier to get home tonometers into hands of the people who need it. In this way, IOP data collected at home at various time points during the day and or night can help to direct an individual patients’ doctors to provide the ideal treatment for that patient’s tailored need.

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