Exclusive Offer for iCare® HOME Tonometer Owners

Upgrade to the Future of In-Home Tonometry!

As an owner of the iCare® HOME tonometer, you already understand the importance of monitoring your intraocular pressure (IOP) from the comfort of your home. It’s a game-changer in supporting your eye care professional in managing your glaucoma treatment effectively.

Introducing the iCare® HOME2 Tonometer

Now, we bring you the latest innovation in in-home tonometry – the iCare® HOME2 tonometer. And here’s the best part – you can own it for $500 off retail when you trade in your used iCare® HOME original tonometer!

Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time, get $500 cash back when you trade-up your original iCare® HOME and upgrade to the latest HOME2 tonometer. 

Trade-in Process:

  1. Purchase the new iCare HOME2 from MyEyes
  2. Ship us your used iCare® HOME original tonometer using the prepaid shipment label included in your new HOME2 package.
  3. Once we receive the device, we’ll credit you back $500 to your original form of payment.

How It Works

Trade in your original iCare® HOME for the NEW HOME2


Trade in Your iCare HOME Tonometer

Now is THE time to upgrade to the newest iCare® HOME 2 tonometer. For a limited time, we'll let you trade in your existing HOME tonometer for a $500 credit towards the purchase of the HOME2 tonometer through MyEyes.


Buy the HOME2 from MyEyes and We'll Credit You Back $500!

Simply purchase the HOME2 tonometer, ship us your used HOME tonometer within 30 days using the prepaid label included in your HOME2 package and we'll refund you $500 to your original payment method.

How to Take Advantage of this Exclusive Offer


Purchase the iCare® HOME2 Tonometer

Purchase the iCare® HOME2 Tonometer from MyEyes.


Ship Your Used HOME to Us

Ship us your used HOME tonometer within 30 days with the prepaid label included in your HOME2 package.


Get $500 Refund to Your Payment Method

Once we receive your used HOME tonometer, we'll refund $500 to your original payment method within 2 business days.